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SmartSoft is founded in Georgia in 2015 with the intention of providing high-quality iGaming software and services to players around the world. With a team of renowned industry professionals backing their mission, SmartSoft proudly offers ground-breaking games such as JetX, their 2018 flagship title. This innovative game has revolutionized the non-traditional casino experience, making it enjoyable for even more types of players. SmartSoft prides themselves on providing a wide range of gaming experiences and entertainment options. From slots and virtual casino games to non-traditional games, SmartSoft has something for everyone looking for an unforgettable gaming experience. SmartSoft is always striving to create something new that entices players all around!


SmartSoft Gaming is an innovative online gaming provider that seeks to power the future of gaming. With JetX, our world-class partners, and robust portfolio of popular slots, live and virtual casino games, SmartSoft Gaming definitely holds up high. The company is constantly improving the technological performance and expanditure of its portfolio further to even better customer experience and provide exceptional service. SmartSoft Gaming provides all of its gaming products with impeccable quality, eye-catching design and engaging gamification elements to make sure all players are satisfied with the ultimate online gaming experience.



SmartSoft Gaming have revolutionized the online casino game industry with their new type of games called Xgames or Crash-games, including their most popular flagship JetX.

Put your luck to the test in this thrilling, unique game as you bet on when the plane will crash and win huge rewards along the way. It may sound simple but with its sudden drops making it so unpredictable, JetX demands a certain level of attention and can be extremely exciting for those who play it smartly.


Two ways of cashing out


Auto-withdrawal or manual withdrawal.
When you use the auto-withdraw mode, you can set a goal multiplier which will automatically end the current round - but be careful, if the plane crashes before reaching this multiplier, you can kiss your coins goodbye! Should not be confused with manual withdrawal though; these two options are independent of one another. If you're feeling particularly risk-averse, some players use a mid to high multiplier in their auto-withdraw mode - such as 20-30x - so they can withdraw any money earned before reaching the predefined goal.

Three-level Jackpot

JetX has an awesome 3-level jackpot that will have you come for more and more. How do you win these jackpots? As the plane flies, it travel through three levels: Planet, Galaxy, and Space. Each of these levels has a random jackpot with it. No matter how much you bet, if the jackpot is hit, you’ll get your chance at the sweet prize-pool!

Experience an adrenaline rush at SmartSoft Gaming's JetX today!


How to play